New Products

New Products

Quick Cable is your source for the widest selection of battery connectors, battery cables, tools, jump packs, battery boxes and accessories.  We are the leader in the Energy Storage Industry because we bring new innovative products to market. Check out our new product page for the latest in innovative, quality products. 

Newest unit in our line of Professional Grade Portable Power Packs, LiFePO4. This unit comes fully loaded with all the jump start security and unit protection. More
QuickContain Battery Recycling Kit
Certified, compliant and ready-to-use. An easy and safe kit that meets transportation requirements for shipping used, damaged, or leaking batteries..
iStart Li-Ion
Our iStart Li-Ion offers the same convenience as the original, but offers more features, including 5V and 19V outputs in addition to the 12V output. Great for jumpstarting motorcycles, cars, and more.



Power Pack Safeguards

General Battery Safety

Battery Box Vent Kit

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